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How Does Ordering Work?

When your order is first placed it is moved into our order fulfillment app and supplies are ordered.
Stage 1
This is mostly a waiting period until the flowers are dyed and then moved into the drying room.
Stage 2
Order is assigned to a specific florist on a specific date. You will receive a email letting you know the date your order is scheduled to be assembled and which florist will be creating the bouquets. If the order is considered ‘custom’ the florist will send a photo ‘proof’ of the bouquet for approval on the day it is being assembled or the following business day. Once the proof photo is sent, you will have 24 hours to approve or reject the photo. If approved the order moves on to stage 3, if rejected our florist assistants will work with you to make changes to the order. If a pre-designed bouquet is purchased no proof will be sent and it will automatically move on to stage 3 upon completion.
Stage 3
Bouquet handles are cut and wrapped and boutonnieres/ corsages, if any, are completed for the order. Once complete the order will be moved over into our shipping department.
Stage 4
Before packaging the order our shipping department inspects each item to ensure there are no damages. If a flower is damaged it will be fixed at this time. Once all items are inspected each piece is individually wrapped in bubble wrap and packaged for shipping. Each customer will receive a shipping notification email with tracking information once their package is shipped.