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These rustic country style centerpieces are a stunning addition to your home! Using a variety of vases and planters we fill them with Sola wood flower arrangements. We will customize the colors and flowers to match your unique home decor.

Half Pint Jar Table Decor
Premium Round Birch Planter
Simply Succulent
Classic Hoop Bouquet
Plum Royalty
Mini Copper Pumpkin
Bessie Print
Colorful Mini Centerpiece Box
Lavender & Natural White Mini Centerpiece Box
Farmhouse Vase
Christmas Days Centerpiece Box
Rose Gold Perfection
Feels Like Fall Barrel Planter
Suddenly Spring

$59.95 $34.97

Plum Perfect Centerpiece Box
Woodland Mini Centerpiece Box
5 Bottle Planter
Green and Natural White Small Centerpiece Box
Country Classic Planter
Succulent Planter
Sweater Weather
Blushing Plum Barrel Planter
Silver Hoop Bouquet
Enchanted Forest
Sola Wood Flower Chevron Arrows
Gift Card
$10.00 - $100.00
Round Birch Planter
Preppy and Pink Centerpiece Box
Country Sweetheart Centerpiece
Rustic Wood Cross
Mint Mist Centerpiece Box
Browns and Natural White Small Centerpiece Box
Large Birch Planter
Woodland Centerpiece Box
Plenty of Flowers- Sola Wood Flower Chevron Arrows
Everdeen Centerpiece Box

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