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Falling in Love Bridal Collection


It's easy to fall in love with our Falling in Love Bridal Collection! With a perfect mix of fall colors this bouquet will fit in perfectly with any fall wedding.

In love this bouquet but it doesn’t quite match your wedding palette? We can customize this to match your colors! All of our bouquets are custom made and we would love to make the perfect bouquet for you! For custom bouquets, please purchase our Custom Bouquet option here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the 'contact us' tab before making any purchases. We will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

The XL Bridal size measures 12-13" in diameter and the bridal size as shown measures 10-11" in diameter.

Our bridesmaid bouquets measure 8-9" in diameter and our toss bouquets measure 6-7" in diameter.

Our mason jar bouquets are perfect for reception decor. They will fit perfectly into a mason jar and measure approximately 5" in diameter.

Colors may vary slightly due to difference in device screens and due to slight variations in the dying process.

Please read our FAQ page for information on our current production time, policies and a bouquet size comparison.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews


From the bride who actually designed this bouquet...

I got charged extra for this bouquet as I custom ordered it last year and custom ones are more expensive. I worked for a while on the design since the person I was emailing wasn’t really getting my vision, and then I came up with this. The person again wasn’t sure how everything would go together and tried to change some things, but I persisted since I was sure it was what I wanted. Lo and behold, it came out beautiful! :)
I came to write a review and realized they were now selling my exact design for cheaper since it didn’t count as custom. I was really upset as to why I couldn’t receive some kind of discount to the normal non-custom price since without my design, they wouldn’t be selling this one now; but they didn’t budge. So I was disappointed in the customer service for sure. Several brides on social media have said SB has done the same with their custom bouquets. I wonder how many of them are actually made by their employees. We think a little credit would be nice for us brides who designed the ones nice enough to to be resold on the site lol.
I’m happy to see so many brides are enjoying my design. I poured my love and passion for my fall wedding into it. I just wish it would say somewhere on the designs, made by...or maybe we could get notified of the joy they’re bringing (we could all us some positivity in our lives) but I guess that’s okay. I love this bouquet, it was executed quite well, and I’m glad others are enjoying it too! Just Disappointed at SB for not realizing hard work went into some of these receiving credit is important to some of us. I personally won’t be buying again because our concerns weren’t taken seriously.
Much love and luck to all future brides!!


This whole process has been stress free! The packaging is great. The pictures are beautiful on the website but they don’t the flowers justice. They look incredible in person. I’ve been told they look more real than real flowers. The ladies helped me throughout the whole process. I’m so glad to have found a business that takes pride in their work and continues to grow the business and offers all kinds of flower arrangements. Thank you guys for everything!

Almost Perfect!

My flowers look so real, it’s crazy! I definitely recommend. However, the greenery that is placed in the bouquet is a little much. In some of the bridesmaids bouquet there is so much and all of the pieces are different lengths. It doesn’t look right but I cut them down to make them even and it looked better. In my bride bouquet, there was a clump of greenery right in the middle. After trimming them down and some out, it looked more natural.


Beautiful flowers, flawless delivery, great customer service and support. Thank you Southern Blooms!!

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